The portraits in the gallery are almost all made in commission. I work mostly in watercolour, but pencil (black and white), oil paint and acrylic paint are also available. If it is possible I like to shoot my own photographs, so I can get an idea of the caracter I am going to paint. If that is not possible I like to work with clear, preferably high-contrast photos.

Prices are as follows:

Watercolour :

size of the mat : 30x40 cm. 325,-

                         40x50 cm. 395,-

More than one person on a Painting : 350,- each person. also the size of the mat is getting bigger ; from 50x60 cm. with two persons ,70x90 cm.with five persons

Oilpainting :

size of the mat: 30x40 cm. 395,-

                        40x50 cm. 550,-