The unpredictable flow of the paint  ,the colors blending beautifully together .That attracted me 30 years ago in watercolors . And even still painting is a wonderful adventure among the pigments,the water and myself, I like the transparency of the paint and the opportunity it gives to work in layers . I'm always looking for atmosphere and intimacy .Contrast between warm and cool colors and light and dark plays an important role in all my subjects.

I am the president and founder of IWS Holland, a foundation that  wants to put on the map the watercolor in the Netherlands. I am a member of the ACN (Watercolor Collective Netherlands) and the Belgian AIB.


I won several awards in my long watercolor career . The most recent were in 2015 : the 2nd prize at the Painting of the year contest in the Netherlands and reaching the semi-finals in the global competition of the magazine Art de l'Aquarelle. in 2016 I was in the top 20 (19th) in the IWS Worldwide Competition . In the Fabriano big  watercolor contest I won as a team with my Dutch collegues Jan Min and Carla de Korte The Fabriano paper award as well as the Escoda brushes award.

in 2018 I have won a Hardship award at the ' Pearl of Peace' festival in Pakistan.

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In 2013 I was the face of and on the watercolorset of the Talens brand in a special limited edition.


In 2012 and 2014 I have judged in a global Watercolor Contest.


I give workshops and watercolor classes with groups in my studio in Vleuten